LED and Luminaire Sales

Recent years have seen increased growth and development within the LED lighting industry

As an example is the rising of energy prices and an increased interest in sustainability, a market for high efficiency, environmentally friendly lighting has been created. 

In turn LED manufacturing technology has continued to advance resulting in a more sophisticated, cost effective, refined product.

Greenstock Lighting have successfully combined 20 years of experience in the lighting industry with their extensive knowledge of sourcing in China to leverage its relationships and experience to offer our customers a quality and competitive range of LED lighting solutions from a trusted and respected brand name.

LED technology has numerous advantages over the traditional industry standard, fluorescent lighting. It is twice as energy efficient, offers 50% longer lifetime and requires less ongoing maintenance. LED lighting also offers an environmentally friendly alternative as it is a low energy, efficient long life product.

Whilst LED has previously been considered to be significantly more expensive up front than fluorescent lighting, recent changes in demand and technology have contributed to lower upfront costs, this effectively means that a LED solution may not involve the initial outlay that originally discouraged customer investment.

Coupled with the long term efficiency savings, LED lighting now offers a versatile and money saving solution to all manner of lighting requirements.

Greenstock Lighting specializes in the low voltage lighting sector, predominately 12 & 24V, with an extensive range of products ranging from LED spot lights, to LED flexible strip.

To compliment this range, working alongside its sister company, In-Connect, they have also developed and unique plug & play connectivity system to allow for completely flexible lighting solutions.

Utilizing U-connect plug and play system allows the customer to reduce install time as no electrical experience is required. This ease of use also makes the U-connect system a great selling point for distribution partners.

It doesn’t just stop there with the lighting range, using its network of high quality manufacturers to source the best quality products, Greenstock Lighting also offer a full range of commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions, ranging from the basic LED GU10, up to high powered industrial LED HiBays, all available at competitive prices.


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