LED design and development

Where off the shelf products are just not suitable for your application Greenstock is able to offer the design & development of completely custom lighting products.

Greenstock recognises that each individual application has its own unique needs, whether these are related to the type of light needed, lighting control, electrical connectivity or just to ensure that lights integrate seamlessly within your application through the use of customised housings or mounting hardware.

Our experienced designers will work with your product development team from initial concept to a fully engineered design, taking into account your brief and the individual product requirements, offering advice where needed and reacting to your needs. 

Greenstock manufacture too, both at our UK headquarters in Lincoln and through long standing partnerships in Switzerland, Taiwan and China, this enables us to provide the complete service.

Greenstock has a strong history of design, initially working in the electrical sector developing custom connectors and moulded plastic housings, these skills have been extended into the LED lighting world. We now offer customer LED PCB’s, complete custom luminaires and everything in between. We also make use of our electrical experience providing not just lights but connection systems to ensure quick and easy installation

Please have a look at our case studies section to see where we have helped other clients, we offer a wide range of solutions and are confident that we can help whatever the application...

1000mm Dual LED light Bar

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