Recreational Vehicles

Over the years RV’s have developed from some of the most basic forms of accommodation into highly sophisticated and luxurious environment’s used in many and varied applications.

As Recreational Vehicles have evolved incorporating increasing levels of modern day essential equipment so has the need for integrated power distribution and control systems within the vehicle itself. RV’s now generally utilising a combination of power sources, from mains power provided form an external supply, self-generation through generators & power inverters, solar, wind, on board battery banks etc. all of which need managing and controlling.

By their very nature RV’s are often required to operate on a self-sufficient basis where available external power sources can be few and far between.

Power Challenges

With high levels of ever changing technology now becoming common place within the latest RV’s and leisure craft, the demand on inbuilt low voltage supply systems also becomes ever greater. With Satellite TV, GPS, Internet, communications & device Charging etc etc all now considered as life essentials, the quest for ever greater battery output technology coupled with reduced device power consumption, is and will remain a hot topic. With most RV / Marine electrical systems operating from an inbuilt 12v or 24v DC battery systems, and the ability to recharge the batteries from an available mains supply on occasions many hours apart, power consumption and battery life is a constant challenge.

Massive Impact

Within most RV’s and Marine craft the single biggest culprit of power consumption has been the conventional highly inefficient incandescent light bulb. With bulbs rated at anywhere between 10—100 watts could see your 150 Ah battery flat (50%) within just a few hours depending on the number and wattage of lamps continually used. Ignoring the use of any other appliances.

Massive Saving

With the development of LED lighting technology and the low power required by these devices (typically 4—10 watts) significant power savings can be achieved, vastly increasing battery life and so the time between necessary battery recharging.

Having the added benefit of creating a more effective & creative lighting experience throughout the RV.

Greenstock is a specialist lighting and lighting control system supplier to the RV & Leisure Marine industry, working closely with customers to ensure the most efficient and creative lighting solutions are achieved.

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