OEM Manufacturing

Greenstock provides lighting products to a number of blue chip OEM customers for use within their products. This can be for a number of different applications a few examples of which are listed below

  • Lighting a workpiece within a machine tool to aid visibility of the work being carried out by the operator.
  • Lighting medical transport equipment, providing flashing warning lights.
  • Lighting entry/access barriers to aid visibility in dark areas.
  • Lighting within the inspection chambers of laboratory equipment.
  • Lighting behind company logos or within the body of a product to improve the appearance and aid brand recognition.
  • Lighting of product displays within vending equipment.
  • Lighting operator work areas within crimp & wire processing machinery.

Greenstock recognises that each individual application has its own unique needs, whether these are related to the type of light needed, the control of lighting when certain actions are taken, or just ensuring that the lights can integrate seamlessly with the equipment being manufactured through customised housings or electrical connections.

Our experienced designers will work with your product development team from initial concept to a fully engineered design, taking into account your brief and the individual product requirements, offering advice where needed and reacting to your needs.

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