Newman Fireplaces

We were approached by Newmans initially to become their supplier of lighting kits for their range of lit surrounds, however they were looking for a more bespoke option than ‘off the shelf’

They requested that rather than standard cable lengths could we extend these as they find their customer base often require more cable, they also wanted artwork for the boxes to reflect their company branding which we were more than happy to facilitate. Our kits are supplied in an easy to install format speeding up installation times making the process quicker for our customers.

After several years working together we were again approached by Newmans to engineer a solution to some new additions into their ever expanding portfolio. 2 weeks before the largest fireplace tradeshow in the UK we were challenged by Newmans to design, sample and supply two new variants of our lighting kits which would not only illuminate the fire surround but also under the plinth.

Using our vast array of technical expertise along with the technical drawing supplied our dedicated engineering department managed to put together working samples in time for the trade show. The new feature fireplaces we greatly received by both end users and industry professionals and production orders have now started to come in.

This kind of dedication and ‘can do’ attitude show the lengths Greenstock will go to for our customers.

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