With the development of LED lighting technology and the low power required by these devices (typically 4—10 watts) not only can significant power savings be achieved, but also a far more creative and effective lighting experience can be introduced throughout modern day RV’s.

As one of the UK’s Premier RV’ Manufacturers Auto Trail were one of the first in the UK to introduce LED lighting technology into their vehicles, producing not only an efficient functional lighting solution, also creating an athletically pleasing atmosphere for its occupants.

Adding to the ambiance are some strategically mounted side facing LED’s at high level over the storage lockers. These produce an attractive glow of light across the roof of the  vehicle creating a warm welcoming environment.


LED Lighting tape is suppled to Auto Trail on standard rolls allowing the strips to be cut (at 50mm intervals) to suite specific applications.

With Greenstock as Auto Trails nominated supplier of LED lighting products unique lighting effects have been created throughout the RV.

By designing an aluminium corer profile with Opal Diffuser into the underside of the lockers the LED’s produce a functional, long lasting an discreet lighting solution.

With Greenstock’s in house manufacturing facility a cut length service is also offered to our customers, where LED tape is pre-cut to customer defined lengths with appropriate cable and connectors attached. Thus allowing for ease of installation and vastly reduced install times.

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