Creative retail lighting

Following an approach by Martin Quigley of Creative Retail Lighting ltd (CRL), Greenstock were pleased to work closely with CRL on a number of fronts. 

Over a number of years this has developed into a very close working relationship and we would consider them a Key Customer to our business.

Greenstock's ability to combine high quality products, with outstanding service levels and fast delivery mean they are always my first choice when I have a lighting requirement. I can recommend them highly

Creative Retail lighting Ltd
Martin Quigley - MD

Custom LED Specification

Recognising that the majority of the existing LED Strip type products on the market did not meet his customers’ needs we were approached to provide an alternative product. Providing tight control over colour tolerances was key, enabling the major brands CRL had as clients to have confidence in the colour of the light emitted. This had to be achieved whilst ensuring the product remained competitive from a cost point of view.

Plug and Play installation

CRL’s clients expressed a desire to reduce installation costs and to deskill the fitment of lighting to their products. Again Greenstock were approached to help provide a solution. Following an exhaustive consultation & development process a plug and play connection system was introduced.

This system contained lighting, driver, lighting control and wiring products all designed to integrate seamlessly with each other without any rewiring needs. Generally supplied in kit form, each kit containing all of the product required to light a display stand or other point of sale display product.

The simple to use connection system completely removed the need for expensive electrically trained staff. Lighting products now being easy and simple to fit. The product now having become almost industry standard within this market.

We continue to work closely with CRL, having recently introduced a second lower cost plug and play system suitable for higher volume, smaller installations. The range of items available is continually expanding and we continue to support this market and customer working closely with them to meet and even exceed future demands.

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