Case Studies

Read about some of our success stories here, we work with customers to deliver a solution that is right for them.

Creative retail lighting

Following an approach by Martin Quigley of Creative Retail Lighting ltd (CRL), Greenstock were pleased to work closely with CRL on a number of fronts.

Newman Fireplaces

We were approached by Newmans initially to become their supplier of lighting kits for their range of lit surrounds, however they were looking for a more bespoke option than ‘off the shelf’


Greenstock launched the Electroflame brand after identifying a gap in the electric fire market. After carrying out a full design review a number of areas were identified where existing product offerings from competitors could be improved.


With the development of LED lighting technology and the low power required by these devices (typically 4—10 watts) not only can significant power savings be achieved, but also a far more creative and effective lighting experience can be introduced throughout modern day RV’s.

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